Mission and Values

I believe that scientific learning can transform our world– how we view it, how we learn from it, and how we collectively change it. I believe in curiosity and the pursuit of inquiry. I believe in building community and relationships. No one mind can solve it all, we need collaboration and cooperation to answer challenging questions. I believe in education and communicating science to all. Everyone has a right to knowledge and understanding, and it is everyone’s responsibility to share their experience to inform others. Again, only collectively can we meet the toughest challenges of our existence. I believe in equality for all, and the importance of basic rights.  Respect goes a long way and is unfortunately often lacking in today’s world.  I believe in mistakes; we all make them and hopefully we all learn from them.  In addition, mistakes bring about understanding and redefine ideas and goals.

My mission due to these beliefs is to expand boundaries in our understanding of basic ecology and evolution, engage in a global network of citizens and scientists, involve students and the public in scientific learning and discovery through mentoring and public outreach, and to uphold my personal values: respect, integrity, communication, grit, and hospitality.


“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” — Eleanor Roosevelt